Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kemberlee's socks

Those that are not sure about trying to crochet socks, are just not sure if you can do it, then you need to try Kemberlee's socks.
I for one, was very worried about making socks, and not sure if I could do it. Then there was a sign-up period for a Sock CAL, and I thought, I will give it a go. And wouldnt you know it, it was pain free and so easy to do it.
There is currently a sock along happening at the moment of Kemberlee's socks and unfortunately, I am not making them this time around, but rest a sure, I will do doing them in the New Year as presents for my family.
If you have started on the socks, and want to join the fun, then let Kemberlee and Chris know and join the others. It would be great to see what color combinations have been made with the socks.

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