Sunday, December 02, 2007

Fixing an afghan

Hi everyone, I came across this on one of my other groups and thought that this information was good to pass on to you all.

Someone has asked about an afghan that was 2 long, and they didnt want to frog it for some reason. So this is the reponse that was posted.

You COULD cut the afghan and "pull" the yarn in order to bind off the edge. Here's what you would need to do:

1. Determine the minimum length that she wants the afghan.
2. Add 6 inches

Lay the item flat on the kitchen floor and use masking tape to securely tape the item down so that it will not move.

Lay a piece of masking tape along the middle of the row that is located approximately 6 inches from the END of the afghan. She will use this piece as a guide when cutting.

Prepare a tapestry needle with a LOOOONG piece of yarn. This yarn will be threaded like a basting thread through the loops that are left -- as each loop is cut -- in order to keep the whole afghan from unraveling.

Cut the afghan along the bottom edge of the masking tape. As each loop is cut, thread your long piece of basting yarn through each loop from the row below so that the loops do not get lost. THis step is very important. If you lose loops, your piece will unravel.

Once you are finished cutting, clear away any tiny pieces of yarn. You should have a whole row of loops on the basting thread. If your friend knows the afghan stitch, these loops can be transferred onto a long afghan hook, or she can begin working backwards with the long thread and securing the loops with a bind-ff sewing stitch.

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