Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cyn's Socks CAL

Let me start with the 1st post regarding our socks CAL....

This is the CAL (crochet-along) going on in our group CrochetSocks at this very moment. It is the "In Your Shoes Ankle Socks"

This is my completed socks. I think it is a bit loose at the cuff. A friend told me to use elastic thread on it . I guess I must try this in my next socks.

If you are interested , I have more photos
here .

Can't wait for the next CAL.....It is FUN!!


Ginny said...

Great socks Cyn! Another way to make the cuff tighter is to make the cuff itself shorter - fewer rows. When this pattern said to do cuff rows until it was 8 inches, I measured that 8 inches stretched (not stretched to the max but a bit more than loosely stretched). I do this on sweater cuffs (slightly stretched there). Of course I only remembered to do thison the 2nd sock!!

~~~Cyn~~~ said...

Thank you Ginny!
I'll try this way in my next socks.

Beth said...

I read in a crochted socks book to use woolly nylon in the sock to help give it stretch.

I haven't made a whole sock yet, but I plan on that being my next project.